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Name Henry Churchill
Age 33
Hours Broadcast 867
Next Show Monday 6th April at 9pm
Occupation Supermarket Assistant
About Me Hi Guys & Gals, It's my Reach Room here for me the wacky guy Henry Churchill, I'm a nice, kind caring person, I work Monday-Friday for Waitrose which I also really like. Next live Reach radio show is listed above also other dates are listed on my personal website:
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Award Date: 24th November 2010
Points: 5
Description: Being dedicated to Love in the dedicated to love challenge!
Room Update
I'm the wacky DJ Henry, tuneeeeeeee!
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Henry 5 years ago
Thanks sue, hi brandon
brandonschmidt 5 years ago
SueRoss 5 years ago
Good luck with your show Henry :)
Henry 8 years ago
Hi Mke, thats ok don't worry, glad your back though:D
MikeCullen 8 years ago
Hi Henry,

I'm sorry I missed your show, I haven't heard you in years, I loved you on CMP years ago, I've been so out of the circle for ages
Henry 8 years ago
Thanks lisa, hi Philippa:D
Philippa 9 years ago
hey ya
Lisa 9 years ago
hey Henry! looking forward to listening to your show nxt sunday! :) Lisa from Waitrose and glen x
Henry 9 years ago
gosh thats a late one, lol
gemz 9 years ago
hey sweet cheeks umm still up lol its 4.29 lol speak to u laters x

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what ya lookin at punk wtf am i doin on here!!! just smile and be nice Reach's Chill Out Hour really did Chill Henry our... Just not at the right time!
Henry decided to wear his Harry Potter invisibility cloak to do the show HAPPY DAYS wacky lol