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Name Ollie Hand
Age 38
Hours Broadcast 875
Next Show Monday 6th April at 2pm
Occupation Employment Coach
About Me Born at an early age, Ollie has been broadcasting for the past 10 years, mainly on small Community radio stations around his homeland of Derbyshire.

Starting off co-hosting a weekly Indie music show back in 2001, through a training project which saw him go from enrolling on the course to then go on to run the place and a couple of short broadcasts, then presenting shows at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, Ollie has now ended up at Reach OnAir.

Upon realising he can no longer keep up with the current music scene, Ollie presents Tied to the 90s, Thursday nights from 6pm.
Reach Rewards (Total Points: 299)
Last Reward
Award Date: 19th October 2010
Points: 2
Description: Songs in for the Change Challenge
Room Update
Ollie Hand presents "Tied to the 90s" Thursdays from 6pm

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brandon20bs 4 years ago
can i be onreachonair
Bromoshow 7 years ago
Great song played it a few times please lets the bromoshow join u to make another one and have a RachAID
Bromoshow 7 years ago
Good luck play us some slade
ollieslass 8 years ago
thats my man! :) x x x
PeterFrench 8 years ago
Enjoying your show keep it up
Ollie 9 years ago
James- sorry? I don't even know what that means!Please elaborate further. And learn to spell.

Bye bye
james 9 years ago
on the 2 paragraph on reach on air u fogot to leav a space next to it
get back to me
bye bye
gemz 9 years ago
ollieeeee i love ya lol great show do u have skype or msn i can add u to
ChrisH 10 years ago
Looking forward to hearing you back on air Ollie!
FilthHorn 10 years ago
Nice plug of my ReachRoom young man!!!

There isn't a poll active on this room!
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7 years ago
I think I need to apologise..I expect that at the end of my last show back at the beginning of July I probably said something along the lines of "I'll be back next week", only to disappear from the schedules ever since!

So, sorry for the mysterious disappearance, I'm afraid real life is getting in the way of doing radio shows at the moment but I will be back soon; in the meantime I'll by enjoying my new duties as a mentor, happy to help wherever I can!
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