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Name Aaron and Chris
Age 23
Hours Broadcast 72
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About Me Aaron and Chris first met at Hospital Radio Chelmsford in 2005 and since then a lot as past and they still do shows together! Amazing really as they hate each other! But still they carry on for the greater good! Not much more to say about these two really but if you want to find out more about them as individuals, see Reach Rooms 999 and 101! You can also see what they are up to here and on their Twitter page
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Join Az and Chris this Sunday - get involved with us from 4pm UK time!
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Brandon 3 years ago
I'm on June 16
ChrisH 9 years ago
We're back this Sunday from 4pm, both live from the same location for once!Join us to see if we can stand looking at each other for 2 hours!
Aaron 9 years ago
Cheers Sarah! Glad you liked it!
Sarah 9 years ago
Tonight was awesome guys!
ChrisH 10 years ago
Airplane with Idiot's guide to aviation:
ChrisH 10 years ago
The Labradoodle Association:

(If you didn't listen this wont make any sense ;) )!
ChrisH 10 years ago
Thanks JC! Glad you're enjoying it! Another one coming your way this Sunday from 12!
JC 10 years ago
Great shows you do very entertaining
Henry 10 years ago
Ahh very good indeed!, I did give you guys a reward for being more wackier then me but I don't know where it disappeared too, lol
ChrisH 10 years ago
That's another lot of unplanned shows done! Hope you all enjoyed them!


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10 years ago
Things never turn out as planned do they!! An hour of Az and Chris turned into 45 minutes Chris and 15 minutes Az and Chris...where was Aaron - eating lunch of course, what else!! Still the show went well, thanks for all those for getting in touch while he finished up eating!

Hope everyone's excited by the Children in Need fundraiser next weekend - more details to follow for those of you who didn't hear!

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Oh dear Chris! What are you doing!! No presenter?! Aaron getting tired!