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Name Danopolis Dan
Age 55
Hours Broadcast 22
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Occupation Not Applicable
About Me I've been an amateur DJ for about 40 years. I figure if I'm not ready to go Pro by now, it's not happening. I play Country (Classic, New, Red Dirt), Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical, Christian, and Adult Contemporary. I play the occasional Rap song, but most of that genre has disrespectful lyrics written to incite bad behavior. The music is pretty good, but I won't support the lyrics. My father played in a band, so I became a sound-man at an early age. Been doing it ever since. I'm an American Heinz-57 White guy with some Choctaw blood. I live in Oklahoma City with two feral cats.
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Room Update
Oct 13 - Live from Wallstone Studios, Oklahoma City: I will be playing my favorite Billboard Top 100 songs, 1964-1999
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Jamesgrory 1 year ago
seo , [b]pokras7777[/b] [url][b] [/b][/url]
Dan 1 year ago
Go to staff meeting, then come home and get ready for the show. Join me, and we can rule the galaxy... Wait. Just tune in and enjoy the show
Dan 1 year ago
Hey, folks. Thanks for the warm welcomes! How's the sound coming out?
BrandonSchmidt 1 year ago
Hi dan
BrandonSchmidt 1 year ago
Can I come to on reachonair login
DJKev 1 year ago
Hey Dan, welcome to the community. Nice to have another American presenter in board.

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1 year ago
First time complete. Had a technical problem a few minutes in - multiple soundcards in a PC become an issue if one of the USB ones become unplugged. The system gets confused and freezes up the mixing program. I have a much better mixer, but needs a bigger table than this dinky desk I'm using. Still, I thought it came out pretty good, considering.
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