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Name Jason Johnson
Age 49
Hours Broadcast 1337
Next Show No Booked Shows
Occupation Broadcaster
About Me I guess I could be described as a veteran in the radio industry, as I started way back in 1987, Since then I have worked at various radio stations in Stoke on Trent, Wrexham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Tamworth and Birmingham. I enjoy all genres of music, but have a particular soft spot for the music of the 1980s (even the awful songs from that decade).
Reach Rewards (Total Points: 49)
Last Reward
Award Date: 28th January 2011
Points: 20
Description: Completing the 70's Challenge
Room Update
Relive the songs of your schooldays with Back To The 80s and hear again classic hits in The Retro Chart
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ReachRoom975 3 years ago
Just heard 99 red balloons on your show. Did you once play a bilingual mx of that song on a radio station?
brandon 5 years ago
Hi jason
BrandonSchmidt 5 years ago
I'm on
DrJr 6 years ago
Waiting to tune in hope you have a cracking show, just hope you dont play the same tracks as i have lined up for mine @ 1400 hrs

good luck
KA 6 years ago
Enjoying the show.
Bromoshow 7 years ago
Please play our turtle rap???
Bromoshow 7 years ago
Good luck
gemz 9 years ago
hi jason sorry about today had to say your message on air it was so funny lol glee all the way hay lol love it
PhillT 9 years ago
Now there's an idea for a challenge...presenters should be made to do shows outside their comfort zone!!!!
PhillT 9 years ago
Oi Johnson ;)

70's 80's 90's!!!!! Are you trying to corner the market here!!

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